“NBA Rookie’s Shocking Encounter with Britney Spears in Las Vegas Casino Exposed! Read the Jaw-Dropping Details Now!”

Las Vegas – San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama said on Thursday that he believes Britney had caught him off guard when they were going to a restaurant in a Las Vegas casino, and their security team pushed the pop star away.
Wembanyama said he wasn’t informed for hours that it was Spears who had caught him and that he had never actually seen her before.


She filed a report with the Las Vegas police, posted on Twitter and Instagram, stating that the encounter was “extremely embarrassing” and denied catching Wembanyama, saying she only “tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.”
She mentioned recognizing him earlier in the evening and deciding to “reach out to him and congratulate him on his success” after seeing him being selected as the number one pick in this year’s NBA draft – a 7-foot-3 French standout entering the NBA with praise comparable to LeBron James twenty years ago.
She said, “That’s when her security, without looking behind, handed me over to the crowd. They nearly dropped me, and my glasses fell off my face.”

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The police confirmed filing a report on an incident at the Aria Resort and Casino but provided no further details.
Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosengart, declined to comment on the police investigation.

Wembanyama mentioned that security advised him not to stop for anyone when entering the restaurant, considering the possibility of commotion and gathering of crowds.
He recounted, “There was a slight incident as I made my way towards a restaurant accompanied by team security personnel.” We were in the hallway, and there were a lot of people, so it seemed obvious that people were calling me. There was someone who was calling me, but we first spoke to security.”

Wembanyama said, “I couldn’t stop. That person was calling me ‘Sir, Sir,’ and that person caught me from behind.” “Not on my shoulder, but from behind. Unable to witness the events unfold, my focus remained straight ahead as I continued walking without halting. That person caught me from behind – not on my shoulder but from behind. I just know that security pushed that person away. Although the level of force exerted by security remains unknown to me, they firmly propelled the individual aside. I didn’t stop to look so that I could go inside and enjoy a nice dinner.”

In her social media statement, She emphasized that she is constantly accompanied by a group of individuals, even during the incident in question, and clarified that her security team has never caused harm to anyone.
TMZ was the first to report details of the incident at the casino restaurant on Wednesday night. TMZ said that she tried to enter a restaurant with a group of four people for a late-night dinner, and as she entered the casino, fans surrounded her. TMZ’s account of the altercation with Wembanyama was similar to hers’, stating that he tapped her shoulder, struck her face, and broke her glasses.

“Unaware of the situation for several hours, it wasn’t until I arrived back at the hotel that I realized the significance of the incident. At first, I didn’t consider it to be a major issue, but then the Spurs security team informed me about the details. Wembanyama said. “At first, I thought, ‘You’re joking,’ but it was she.” I’d never seen her expression before. “I simply kept walking.”
He was ignorant of the incident’s media frenzy until Thursday morning.

“I certainly saw the news this morning. ‘I woke up to some phone calls,’ said Wembanyama.
On Friday night in Las Vegas, Wembanyama and the Spurs will open the NBA Summer League against the Charlotte Hornets. On Wednesday night, he graciously autographed memorabilia for fans at Aria, and the following morning, upon joining the Spurs for practice at a nearby high school, he extended the same gesture to a more intimate gathering of spectators.

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